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About me

I have been running a private counselling practice in Great Yarmouth since 2017.
Before private practice, I worked in multiagency and counselling environments as a therapist.

Before becoming a counsellor my original background was in the Television and Fashion industry, a working environment that eventually became detrimental to my mental health and wellbeing. 
During this time the combination of my emotional avoidance, feeling judged, or not living up to others' expectations created personal anxiety and feelings of isolation.  
Since then counselling has taught me that feelings do not need to be avoided or feared, they are a part of who we are.
Feelings have a huge impact on how we see ourselves, our life and others.

That is why I now dedicate my work to supporting others in finding a deeper understanding of self and the issues that are affecting the way they live their life. 

More information on therapies offered 

1. Individual Counselling 
We will explore the issues that are causing emotional discomfort and preventing you from enjoying your life.
Through experienced facilitation to provide personal clarity and growth for positive personal
change and development.

2. Relationship Therapy
My work is to help you see your relational and you and your relationship patterns, the complex interchange of relationship power and dynamics.
Relationship defensiveness and issues that are preventing healing and positive growth.
Identification of destructive patterns of behaviour and exploration and understanding of how your partner experiences you and your relationship.
Through balanced and non-biased facilitation in an environment that is a safe place to explore conflict and confrontation. 

3. Rewind Technique 
Rewind offers a way of permanently stopping involuntary recall by filing the traumatic event so it comes under control.
Voluntary recall remains.
Two to three sessions at most are required.  

4. Work Place Wellbeing
Using a combination of therapy such as Psyco therapy and group work. This can also include collaboration with other additional expert therapists in the fields of Art therapy, yoga, and relaxation.

About your sessions  
 During your initial session, we will discuss and plan a way forward that will suit your needs.  
We will explore the issues that are causing emotional discomfort and preventing you from enjoying your life.
Offering experienced facilitation to provide personal clarity and positive growth and development.
To help promote and develop a deeper understanding of your issues to develop healthier and manageable feelings and behaviours. Giving you the personal power to understand, respect, and manage your feelings. 

Fees and Payments  

Individual Counselling £50

Relationship Counselling £68 per session

Rewind technique  (upon request)
Work Place Wellbeing (upon request)


   The Vicarage
     24 Church Plain
      Great Yarmouth
           NR30 1NE   

My Practice is located alongside the 
Great Yarmouth Minster 

Free Parking is available directly outside the building
for 1 hour 


Text is the most immediate way to contact me
I look forward to hearing from you 
Tanya Kecskes 

Mobile:07506 488 345


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